When a Woman Loses Interest in a Man: Get Her Sex Drive Back

When a Woman Loses Interest in a Man: Get Her Sex Drive Back
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When a woman loses interest in a man or vice versa it gets frustrating mentally and physically for the other partner.

However, nearly every long-term relationship experiences a low sex drive phase. Some couples take action and recover, some try to ignore it and just let it pass.

Ignoring a problem is never the right answer. When a woman loses interest in a man (or vice versa), you need to take action fast and get your relationship back on track.

Not addressing such problems can result in continuous relationship problems, arguments, dissatisfaction, and even a breakup.

What Causes a Woman to Have a Low Libido?

There are numerous reasons that make a woman lose interest in men. These reasons can be both: psychological and physical. While most of them are short-term and can be resolved quickly, there are a few that will require some special attention from you.

Psychological reasons for low libido

When a woman loses interest in a man, there are many psychological reasons that could be behind the low sex drive and sudden loss of interest in a partner.

In order to learn whether the reasons behind the low libido are psychological, you will need to search for changes. Think about whether there has been change at her work? Did some major events occur? Maybe you changed?

Here are some of the main reasons that could cause low sex drive in your partner:

Attention (lack of)

This one is a no-brainer and will require you to reflect on your behavior.

When a relationship starts, men tend to go overboard to impress their new partners. However, with time, the enthusiasm to shower your loved one with compliments and gifts tends to evaporate step by step.

Lack of compliments and not apprenticing your partner is a huge turn-off for your partner that can result in reduced libido.

So think about when was the last time you told her she was pretty? When was the last time you took her on a date or brought her flowers? Thanked for the dinner she prepared you?

Appreciation is the key to a women’s heart.


Many women tend to be self-cautious about aging and even lie about their real age.

If your partner feels under-appreciated, aging could become a huge turn-off for your partner.

She might start having an inaccurate body image where all she sees are aging signs. That results in low self-esteem, low sex drive, and a wish to hide her body.

So, think about when was the last time you told her how sexy she is? How much do you want her?

As I said, appreciation is the key. Help her feel desirable and watch her high libido return.

You let yourself go

Well, sometimes the reason why she lost interest in you is not inside her mind, it’s in front of her.

It’s easy to look good when you’re young without putting a lot of effort into it. However, with age it gets more difficult.

So, maybe you let yourself go? Stopped exercising, weighing yourself, and shaving? Yet your partner remained the same sexy beast she was some years ago?

If you answered yes, it’s time to put yourself back on track.

Taking care of your appearance shows that you still want to impress her and care about looking attractive to her.


When a woman loses interest in a man, stress could be one of the main causes.

Have there been any drastic changes in your loved one’s work environment? Maybe you’re going through some tough times in terms of money?

Low Libido Due to Stress

If you’re currently facing a stressful period in your life, there is a great change

Physical reasons for low libido

Physical reasons that cause a woman to lose interest in a man are as common as psychological ones.

To learn whether there are any physical reasons that cause your woman to lose interest in you, you will need to observe your environment and any changes related to it.

Here are the most common reasons that can cause low sex drive in your partner:


There are certain prescription medications that could cause a lower sex drive. Especially the drugs that fall under the antidepressant category.

The SSRI drugs (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors) are particularly known for having an effect on libido. However these are not the only ones, so you need to examine each case separately.

Lifestyle habits

Constant sleep deprivation and physical exhaustion can lead to lower sex drive. Think about whether she is the one taking care of the household? Maybe you have little children that require a lot of attention? Aging parents? There are many factors that can contribute to lack of sleep and physical exhaustion that result in a woman losing interest in a man.

Another reason that can lead to low libido is sudden dietary changes. Especially if the changes are drastic. For example, the currently trending LCHF or Keto diet requires a person to omit carbs from their diet. This can result in a sudden libido drop that returns back to normal within a couple of weeks.

Sexual discomfort

Sexual comfort and pleasure are essential to a healthy relationship. So, if you’re selfish in bed it could be one of the reasons why your partner lost interest in sex.

Here you can find some essential tips to last longer in bed and become a better lover to your partner.

Health Issues

Sometimes having health issues can lead to low libido. Not the obvious ones, like flu, but the ones that are more difficult to spot.

There are sexual and non-sexual diseases that can affect the sex drive.

The non-sexual ones include but are not limited to cancer, arthritis, diabetes, neurological disorder, or high blood pressure.

The other group includes menopause, pregnancy, and others that cause hormone changes, such as a sudden drop in estrogen levels.

What to Do When a Woman Loses Interest in a Man?

As you can see, when a woman loses interest in a man, there are various reasons that could be the cause.

So here are some tips that can help you restore the sex drive and strengthen your relationship overall.

It’s worth acknowledging that in most cases, it’s a combination of several reasons that reduce libido.

However, many of them have a similar solution.

Below you will find tips to restore a woman’s interest in a man.

Show affection

Showing affection is important. Even when you think that you’ve said it all and she already knows everything – repeat it.

Each person needs to be reminded that they are loved and desired. Saying a good word is easy and doesn’t cost you a penny, so there’s no excuse for this one.

In this case, your ultimate goal is to remind her how much you love her, how much you want her, and how much she means to you.

However, if you’ve forgotten about compliments for a while, it will take another while of showing affection to return the spark.

Go the extra mile

Going the extra mile just like you did when you were trying to catch her attention will seriously help her understand how much she means to you.

Get her flowers, ask her on a date, go dancing – just have fun like you used to.

Many people tend to let themselves go once they get married and settle down. Somehow marriage for some still associated with getting a free pass to get fat and take care of self-less.

However, such an attitude towards marriage can lead to becoming less attractive to your significant other.

Even though most say that looks don’t matter and it’s shallow, taking care of yourself means that you care and you want your partner to know that. So, it’s not all about looks but they do matter.

Show her that you care.


Saying thank you is simple. However, with time we tend to stop appreciating the little things.

When was the last time you thanked your partner for a nice meal she made you? Or brought you a drink when you were watching the TV?

Little things matter and influence the relationship, as well as the sex drive a lot.

So, start saying thank you and appreciating.

Your partner can’t read your mind. So, even though you feel it, you need to say it.

Have an honest conversation

This tip is an all-time classic, yet it might be the most effective one.

Have an honest conversation with your partner. You don’t need to go directly to the low libido part, start from small things.

Ask her how she’s doing. Ask her if anything is bothering her. Show that you care. It might take a few honest conversations, however, eventually, she will open up.

Don’t rush and listen. When a woman loses interest in a man, it’s important for him to hear the reasons for it.

If you listen, I’m sure you will get your answer.

Change lifestyle habits

Things like stress lead to overeating, drinking more alcohol or excessive smoking.

These habits can cause a lower sex drive. So, you should find a way to replace those habits with healthier ones.

Instead of smoking, go for a walk. Instead of drinking – take a nap. Instead of overeating – join the gym.

However, keep in mind that you need to be a part of those activities.

Healthy lifestyle for increased sex drive

Usually, if you tell a person that he’s fat or smokes too many results in causing him more stress.

That additional stress results in additional overeating, or even more excessive smoking.

See a therapist

If nothing works – see a couple’s therapist. However, don’t wait for too long.

The longer the wait – the more severe the problem can become.


When a woman loses interest in a man the issue should be addressed right away.

While there are both: physical and psychological reasons that can cause low libido, usually there’s more than one reason behind it.

Overall, you should keep in mind that you always have to put effort into your relationship and you can never stop showing your loved one how much she or he means to you.

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