Prostate Milking and Orgasm

Prostate Milking and Orgasm
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If you ever had your prostate massaged and reached an orgasm, most likely you got prostate milking without even knowing it. Worry not, milking in this case is figurative speech.

Prostate milking, in short, means doing or having a prostate massage until white-colored liquid starts coming out of your penis and you reach a prostate orgasm.

As you can see, the term sounds rather exotic yet, the meaning is simple.

While many of you already know how to reach an orgasm, not many of you know how to do it by massaging your prostate.

That’s why in this detailed guide I will cover all of the aspects of prostate milking: from finding your p-spot to massaging it internally and externally, with and without toys.

Where is The Prostate Located?

Male Reproductive System

The prostate is located between the penis and the bladder. It is just in front of your rectum. The prostate, also known as the P-spot, is a walnut-sized gland.

Your prostate is also in charge of protecting and nourishing your sperm. It does that by secreting a special fluid.

Also, as you can see from the picture, the urethra runs through your prostate. The urethra runs from your bladder to your penis. It allows your body to get rid of urine by peeing.

How to Find Prostate?

You can find your prostate by using an internal method as well as an external one.

If you want to reach your prostate externally, you will need to apply firm pressure to the perineum. The perineum is located between the anus and the scrotum.

When you apply the pressure to the perineum, try using a circular motion. It should help you find your prostate. When you start feeling a sensation that is similar to wanting to pee – you’ve hit the jackpot. This is called indirect prostate stimulation.

TIP: finding your prostate from the outside is easier when you’re excited. When you’re aroused, your prostate increases in size.

If you’re ready for direct prostate stimulation and prostate milking, you will need to enter from the back door. Worry not, you won’t need to get in very deep.

Use your clean finger to get in and press against the front wall of the rectal lining. You will spot a walnut-sized gland that feels different in texture. Congratulations, now you know where to find your prostate.

How to Stimulate Prostate?

Now that you know where you can find your prostate, I will tell you how to stimulate the prostate. There are three main ways you can stimulate your P-spot:

  • External prostate stimulation
  • Internal prostate stimulation
  • External and internal prostate stimulation

We will review them one by one. By learning how to properly stimulate your P-spot you will master prostate milking in no time.

External Prostate Stimulation

To start the external prostate stimulation, first, you need to find your P-spot.

As mentioned before, it is located between your anus and scrotum, or in short – your perineum.

To make it easier – get yourself excited. This way the size of your prostate increases and it becomes easier to reach it.

Remember that since this type of stimulation is indirect, it works best as a foreplay before the real prostate milking begins.

The external prostate stimulation can be done in different ways and using different techniques.

You can try applying constant pressure, using short intense pressing motions, and moving your finger in a circular motion. You can use one finger or a few – find out what you like and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Internal Prostate Stimulation

At first, the internal prostate stimulation can seem a very foreign thing to do, especially since your entering the place where poop usually comes out.

If you don’t want any poo on your fingers, you can consider using a condom as a barrier.

Also, condom-less or with a condom, you will need lube to remove the traction and make your prostate easier to reach.

When you reach your prostate, there are various techniques you can try in order to stimulate your prostate.

Most common internal prostate stimulation methods include applying different levels of pressure (similar to ringing a doorbell), using a circular motion and using the come hither motion from downwards, and moving towards the belly button.

External and Internal Prostate Stimulation

While some men choose to stimulate the P-spot only externally or internally, I would recommend trying the combination of both methods at least once.

For me personally, the combination of both methods leads to the most intense orgasms. However, it is best to use the stimulation combination method with a partner or with the help of a sex toy.

Otherwise, you will have both of your hands occupied on your prostate and that leaves your penis with very little attention. Also, it’s super uncomfortable and makes it hard to relax.

Prostate Milking Benefits

There are numerous health benefits that you can get from regular prostate massages:

  • Could help battle Erectile Dysfunction – sometimes it’s used on its own, sometimes together with penis pumps.
  • Possibility to improve urine flow – if your prostate tends to swell and block the urethra, a massage could help reduce the swelling.
  • Could help reduce/avoid Prostatitis – Prostatitis is a condition when your prostate is inflated. It’s painful and you don’t want it.
  • Could help reduce stress – well, that’s just what an orgasm does for you.

How Prostate Orgasm Feels?

If you’re wondering how a prostate orgasm feels, I have the answer. To put it in a few words – a prostate orgasm feels simply amazing.

However, in some terms, it is different than the orgasm that you get when stimulating only your penis.

Many men claim that prostate orgasms are a lot more intense than regular ones. Also, they can be felt throughout the whole body. There are also men out there (including me) who manage to reach multiple orgasms.

Also, contrary to ejaculating out of your penis when you reach the orgasm, a prostate orgasm can be ejaculation-free. However, you may notice some milk-like substance coming out of your penis.

You guessed right, the penis milking term comes from that milky fluid that the urethra expels as you orgasm.

How to Have a Prostate Orgasm?

Now that you know how great a prostate orgasm feels, time to find out how you can do the prostate milking itself. There are two main ways that you can use to reach your prostate orgasm. You can do the prostate milking yourself or ask your partner for help.

Self Prostate Massage

If you are new to prostate milking, trying it yourself first and without any sex toys would be my recommendation.

Doing it will help you learn whether you enjoy the sensations, or whether you want to remain only having penis action.

NOTE: if you’re scared of having a poo on your hands, use a condom on your fingers.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to milk your prostate:

  1. Wash yourself. Trust me, not only will you feel better, the experience itself will be cleaner.
  2. Make sure you have clean towels, lube, and a condom (optional) ready.
  3. Make yourself comfortable. Find a quiet place, relax, and don’t worry.
  4. Get excited. Stroke your penis, let your imagination go wild. When you’re excited, the size of your prostate enhances, so it will be easier to spot it.
  5. Try to massage your prostate externally. Once you locate it on your perineum, apply firm pressure and massage it in a manner that feels nice.
  6. Once you’re ready to enter the back door, put a condom over your fingers (optional) and generously lube up the fingers (condom).
  7. Get into a comfortable position and start by inserting one finger. Once you spot your prostate, massage it in a way that feels nice until you reach the climax.
  8. Use the towels to clean up.

Keep in mind that when you’re milking your prostate, you can also stimulate your penis to add additional excitement to the whole experience. Sex is all about pleasure, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Most importantly – enjoy.

Prostate Milking With Partner

When you try the self prostate massage and decide that it’s time to level up, you can include your partner in the prostate milking.

That’s why I made you this detailed guide to prostate milking that will be helpful to you and your partner.

How to give a prostate massage:

  1. Make sure the prostate massage receiver is all washed up. Trust me, you and the receiver will feel better and the experience itself will be cleaner.
  2. Make sure you have clean towels, lube, and a condom (optional) ready.
  3. Make yourself comfortable. Find a quiet place, relax, and don’t worry.
  4. Get your partner excited. Stroke his penis, massage him – whatever works. When excited, the size of the prostate enhances, so it will be easier to spot it and properly massage it.
  5. First, try to spot and massage the prostate externally. Once you locate it on the perineum, apply firm pressure and massage it in a manner that feels nice for your partner. Communication is key, so ask what he likes and tell him to give you directions.
  6. Once he’s ready for you to enter through the back door, put a condom over your fingers (optional) and generously lube up the fingers (condom).
  7. Get him into a comfortable position. The easiest way to reach the prostate is by having him on his back, legs wide open and with a pillow just below the hips.
  8. Start by inserting one finger. Once you spot your prostate, massage it in a way that feels nice until he reaches climax. Keep in mind that the prostate is only about a couple of inches away from the back door entrance, so you won’t need to go too deep.
  9. Use the towels to clean up.

When you’re doing prostate milking for your partner, remember that communication is the key. What one person likes might not be right for another one, so keep your ears open and encourage your partner to communicate what he likes.

Once you and your partner get comfortable with prostate massages, you can enhance the whole experience by using toys.

Prostate Milking Techniques

There are various prostate milking techniques. Some of them are designed for your fingers, while the other ones will require some sex toys.

How to Milk Prostate With Fingers?

Here are some of the most popular prostate massage techniques that you can try. They will only require your, or your partner’s fingers:

  • ‘Come here’ technique. Well, this technique is similar to the one used when pleasuring a female and reaching for the G-spot. Once you locate the P-spot, use your fingers to make a come here motion.
  • Different pressure technique. When you locate the prostate apply continuous pressure that varies in intensity. You can make pauses between the presses.
  • Pulse technique. Apply constant pulse-like pressure on the prostate. Try differentiating the intervals and the intensity.
  • Circle drawing technique. With the tip of your finger circle around the whole prostate gland. You can do it with different pressures and different speeds.
  • Vibration imitation. It’s similar to very intense tickling but with more pressure. However, this technique will require some wrist strength.

How to Milk Prostate With Toys?

Today, sex toys are super advanced and can make the whole prostate milking experience even more exciting. So, once you (and your partner) are comfortable with prostate massages, consider getting a sex toy (or a few).

Here are some techniques that you can use to massage the p-spot with a sex toy:

  • The do-nothing technique. Well, if you have a vibrating prostate massager, just sit back and relax – let it do all the work.
  • The intensity technique. If your prostate massager has different speeds, try doing absolutely nothing besides playing with the speed button.
  • The teasing technique. This one will require the most effort. If your toy doesn’t vibrate, you can try different pressure or pulse technique that are described above. If your toy vibrates, try turning it off every couple of minutes. Teasing yourself or your partner will just make the climax even more exciting.

Prostate Toys

There are various prostate milking toys. Currently, the most popular ones and the most exciting ones are vibrating prostate massagers.

Best Prostate Massagers

Prostate massagers come in different shapes and sizes. Some of them even have a wireless control option. Some of them are designed to stimulate the prostate only internally, while others can give you pleasure inside and out.

If you want to learn more about vibrating prostate massagers, you can read my detailed prostate massager guide.

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