How to Tell if a Guy Has a Small Package?

How to Tell if a Guy Has a Small Package?
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There’s actually an exact question on Quora about this: How can someone tell if the guy they’re seeing has a small, ahem, package? And among other answers – there’s this really amusing anecdote regarding Nelda and some other good answers – this answer by someone rattled me a bit. So, how to tell if a guy has a small package?

This answer wasn’t too rough or anything, it was just written by someone who sounded really insecure about the size of their own package. Should I just go ahead and call it a penis? Or would calling it a package be more suitable here? Also, when I say package do I mean just the sausage or the sausage with the potatoes? Why am I digressing?

Anyway, moving ahead, so the answer talked about how women – and apparently only certain kinds of women – look for answers to questions like these. It makes me wonder if this is true…what am I doing wondering something like this? It also said how it’s not right to wonder about the size of a guy’s penis because they’re more than that and the answer implied that women who are size queens, do not deserve a king-sized package because they, supposedly, won’t be able to take it.

Now, all of this has made me want to write an article that not only talks about how to tell if someone has a small, or large, package…but also touches on the myths revolving around these questions. So, if you’re wondering about how to tell if a guy has a small package, keep on reading. You might (not) find out.

Why is a Man’s Biggest Fear Having a Small Package?

There are multiple reasons as to why a man would be terrified to find out his package isn’t large enough. And this latent fear can come out in different ways – that answer on Quora, indirectly bashing women for simply their curiosity, is one of those ways this fear manifests itself. The basest reason as to why a man wouldn’t be happy about a small penis is the myths that go around it. 

With these myths come multiple insecurities – “men with a small package can’t please women”, “a large package makes sure a woman orgasms”, “a woman will laugh at the size of my package”, “what if I am not man enough without a good-sized dick?” – these are usually the thoughts that come to a man and make him uncomfortable, if not visibly scared.

All of these myths are baseless. The biggest myth is that fat people have small penises – here, weight is an issue because firstly, obesity can cause health problems, and secondly, you can actually see and tell 100% when a person is getting fat and try and lead a healthy lifestyle to keep yourself fit and active – but how do you alter the size of a penis without taking some extreme measures? 

Most men don’t even know that the average size of the penis is literally just average. Yes, it’s not as big as you think, it’s not even 6 inches – your neighbor Tom does not own the third leg but simply a proper and average-sized package – yet men are ready to buy devices and go for surgeries simply based on the whim that their package isn’t big enough or that they need more length.

And then there are men who know how average the average-sized penis is, yet they refuse to keep the myths and insecurities at bay. What if my average-sized penis isn’t good enough? Come on, Tom, it’s cool, your junior makes that woman you’re with happy just fine – it’s these baseless myths that’s killing the mood.

The Myths That Need to be Busted: How Small is a Small Package?

People who think weight is the only issue to be worried about…try losing sleep at night because of a hypothetical situation where a girl laughs at you because she couldn’t find your junior. I mentioned some of the myths that go about when a small package is concerned but let’s get into some actual myths that are linked to this whole thing…and bust them.

“Women care a lot about how big a man’s package is”

do women care about how big a penis is

No, she does not, and that’s the end of it. Women, as much as they like the feeling of fullness inside them, would prefer to be with someone who knows what they’re doing as a whole in the bed than with someone who just lies there with a good-sized dick.

A lot of factors go hand in hand when it comes to pleasing women. A man wants a good-sized penis for just one reason – he wants to make his special girl really, really happy. Well, chacha, your special girl will need the mouth, the fingers, and a sweet amount of clitoral stimulation…just stuffing her won’t do. 

So, women might get excited if you have a huge package but they’ll lose interest the minute they see that’s all you’ve got. An average-sized package is more than acceptable, and even welcomed happily because then there’s just so much more you could do! 

“A large package ensures orgasm”

You will orgasm, dear man, your lady might just not. Okay, size queens might just love the feeling of fullness inside them but what about the rest of the lovely ladies? A vagina needs to accustom itself to a huge package. Usually, vaginas open up and get used to what size they usually come in contact with. The average-sized penis has way more chance of getting a woman to orgasm than a huge penis.

It’s really basic, when you have an average-sized package, the natural lubrication of the vagina is enough for you to slide into her and make her go wild – add some of the magic that your fingers can bring and introduce a sex toy and viola, you have it!

On the other hand, a huge package almost all the time needs lube – and lots of it. It’s no fun when you want to have a good time but she’s wondering when will the ponding stop because the legs are cramping now and the amount of lube just wasn’t enough…take it from me straight, even if you have a huge package, just that is never enough to make a girl cum.

How do I Most Absolutely Find Out About The Size of His Package?

First things first, it’s completely natural for people – women or otherwise – to wonder about how big a penis is. A man’s penis doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual or thinking about it doesn’t necessarily have to be degrading or vulgar. What if I want to gift condoms to my best friend at his bachelor party and don’t have the time to ask him about his size? What if my friend has a rash and I need to give him some ice and don’t know how much of it he needs? 

There can be multiple reasons for curiosity like this to arise. So what if I want to sleep with a man and am just wondering how big or small he is – this curiosity is only natural and will not determine how much I like this man. Men compliment the women they are with several times on how beautiful their bodies (read, boobs) are so why can’t women return the favor? 

So…how to tell if a guy has a small, ahem, or large package? Well, you can’t really tell – that’s the only answer but you weren’t looking for an answer like that, were you? You can look at the size of his feet, the length between his fingers, or even measure his teeth if you think that’s one of the ways you could find out how small or big his package is, but there’s really no way to tell except…

  • you can ask him the size of the condoms he uses. That gives both men and women an idea about how small or big the package is. Simply work this into the conversation and ask what size condoms should you pick up – chances are this will break the ice and lead the two of you to have a healthy, and fun discussion about his package…maybe you’ll even get a peak.
  • Or, give him a really tight pair of trousers. This one’s sort of going all out there to find out if he has a big or a small package but seeing a man in tight clothes can really help you gauge the size of his package.
  • Get your gentleman naked and you will know if the package he possesses will please you. 

Final Words on How to Tell if a Guy Has a Small Package?

See, to be totally frank, if having good sex is on your mind you need to focus less on the size of the man’s package and focus more on working with what the two of you have got. A man’s package is as good as his will to please you. You don’t want someone who’s so proud of his alleged Everest-sized penis that all you get is pounded. Good sex comes with the will to want to have good sex. So, better stop wondering about how to tell if a guy has a small package and better worry about what he can do with that package.

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