The Erotic Side Of Furry Lifestyle And Lifestylers

The Erotic Side Of Furry Lifestyle And Lifestylers
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The sun was shining brilliantly as I went out for a customary run this afternoon. After I was done and was sitting on a park bench, I could just about see a head on a bench ahead. It was a head filled with pink hair. It was quite amusing to see a blot of bright pink in that green landscape. However, it was more amusing when she turned her head and I could see the panther ears attached to her headband – she was a Furry.

I’ve had a growing interest in furries or furry lifestylers for some time now. And it’s not just the cute costumes and the love some of them have for anthropomorphic animals – it’s the dedication! The world has opened up and become accepting of new ideas such as these. People, as furries, are more comfortable relating to or talking about their lifestyle now. And they can do so without being in the fear of being harmed or judged.

This article will mostly talk about the furry lifestyle, what it is and how interesting it can be! Even though this interest has been around ever since we first laid our eyes on our beloved Pikachu, there’s still a newness revolving around furries. So let’s explore this fetish in a bit more detail!

Why Should You Read This Article?

Well, not everyone might conform to this lifestyle, or loving Pikachu for that matter. You might be here not just because you’re willing to explore the sexual side of being a furry but also because there’s a non-sexual fantasy to this kink as well. Or maybe you’re here simply because you want to know more.

Whatever may be the reason – erotic or otherwise – the excitement furries have for their passionate fetish is a thing we can all admire. I mean, just take into consideration how far some can go to resemble their favorite furry personas. As well the excitement that might emanate from people who interact with or encounter the furries, is also something new and should be taken into account. 

All in all, there are just too many things to know about this! Plus there are some basic misconceptions about furries that need to be addressed. It’s all very interesting, I think. So, even if you’re keen on reading or not – and I think you are (you’re here, aren’t you?) it’s time for me to delve into the mystical world of furries. 

Come on with me then, to find out more about this lifestyle which is a combination of roleplay, dressing up, and animated kinks. And of course, let’s not forget fursuits and furry sex!

To Begin With, What Are Furries And Am I One?

One of the first things I found while conducting my research for writing this article were questions: Someone out there is secretly considering erotic sessions with a furry. Or wants to be one as well and is wondering if it’s okay to tell people. Are you in the same boat and looking for answers? Well, this is quite natural. New furries are always looking for ways to satisfy their curiosity and to know more about what they can do!

Beginning with the basics would be a great start. Before we move on, let’s make one little thing clear. It’s that just because you love dogs or cats or baby goats doesn’t mean you’re a furry – loving an animal is so much different than loving or sexualizing an anthropomorphic animal. Any confusion in this basic difference can lead to bestiality and so should be strictly avoided. 

As much as you think that the poodle your neighbor got is super cute, this article does not encourage or endorse animal-human relationships. Let me make this whole thing a bit more clear in the next section.

Firstly, one basic fact to always remember:

It’s one thing engaging with an animal without, ahem, their consent (and no, please understand that a little puppy licking your hands or a goat trying to eat your feet is not consent) and another thing dressing up as an animal character endorsed with human attributes. For many people, it might seem weird, crazy, or even uncomfortable to be reading this. I mean, why do I even have to say this, right?

But there’s just too much confusion leading to too many cases of unwanted, forced, and traumatic bestial experiences. Therefore, first and foremost, make this thing extremely clear: no actual animals are involved in this kink. Being a furry does not mean being attracted to actual animals. 

Two, or more, consenting adults decide to dress up as animal characters with human attributes – they talk, eat with hands, maybe express their feelings with words and have complex overly human emotions. That’s anthropomorphism for you, folks. Maybe look at this comic series to see just how intricate this can be.

Now, are you a furry?

Have you ever wanted to own a fursuit? That is often the first indication of wanting to be initiated into this lifestyle – wanting the appearance of a furry. These fursuits can be really expensive, that’s why there are alternatives. Be it a fursuit complete with whiskers or just stick-on ears with your hair dyed pink, the outer appearance is always a big deal to relate to the character you feel connected to from the inside.

You might also be attracted to animals with human qualities and personalities – again, always remember, not actual animals who cannot speak – after reading manga, comics, or watching something online. Don’t fight this attraction away, it’s very real. And in this world, this attraction is widely and popularly accepted. Feel free to know your feelings and gravitate towards it.

There are not just books, but online pages, guides, forums, and even regularly held conventions about this lifestyle. If you want to connect with furries and engage in this fetish in a healthy way, please try considering making yourself up to date with the information that’s out there first! 

Why Do People Do This?

You’d think a lot of people do this just for fun. And you’d be right for many of them, but it’s just not that simple. Well, where kinks and fetishes are involved, anything is seldom just for fun. Especially with fetishes like these which involve roleplay, there is always the factor of anonymity that plays a, well, major role.

People love to be and really are free and open to being something that they can’t be without the costume in their day-to-day life. A furry chooses their character based on what they want to be. A docile housewife might want to be a ferocious kitten or maybe a corporate magnet wants to be a sweet little chicken. 

People have varied emotions and they are free to express them in their own ways. And particularly in this case, their own manifestations.

The fursuits and the fursona

There’s also always the fact that some people are deeply attracted to the fursona or the furry persona. I’d go into the terminologies, but there aren’t many of them except these two. Anyway, the furry characteristics with the sexual aspects of it – if you’re into the erotic part of this kink – can be a huge turn-on for a furry.

furries in a furry gathering

Other than the fursona itself, animalistic outfits arouse furries – it’s as simple as that. And this isn’t out of place or weird, really. If your partner comes to you wearing a bikini, looking at you with love in their eyes, you will find her appealing. It’s the same with furries, only replacing the bikini with a panda suit. 

The Sexual Factor In The Furry Lifestyle

Know that the furry fetish can be both sexual and non-sexual – even though the side of the furry kink I’m going to talk about in this article will probably involve a dog dildo. Although, furries that have sex do not always engage in sexual intercourse. This depends on what you and your partner are into because there’s just so much you can do! 

Trust me, it can be pretty pleasing to explore this way. The human brain loves diversity. So there definitely could be sex between two people who have identified sexual components within their furriness but without intercourse. This could involve using sex toys (here comes the dog dildo I was talking about), making animal noises or even engaging in light foreplay in a place you had never imagined yourself to be in! 

A cowshed, for example, would be perfect if you’re a plump cow pretending to be lost while on her way to work. Maybe you can be found by…you know what, I’m not very good at imagining how cows can be rescued when lost. Don’t mind me, create your own fantasies.

Expressing sexual urges in a safe and harmless manner!

The sexual and erotic urges that a furry might feel are very much real and valid. Finding a partner, attending conventions, and opening yourself to meeting other furries will help you as a furry to engage in your fetishes. Engaging with other furries also brings with it a sense of belonging. You will be a part of a community much bigger than yourself that way.

There are also online and totally computerized roleplaying games for furries. Those who wish to engage in this fetish without any actual physical contact might find these helpful to express their desires. Furry expression in the form of art is also ideal for furries looking to be comfortable on their own first. Art is also perfect to express your creativity, fantasy, and urges.

Moreover, erotic furry movies are also a popular thing now. I myself haven’t really watched furry porn, but hey, you do you. You can get into your animal suit and let your imagination take you to places… cowshed or otherwise.

How Common Are Sexual Interests In The Furry Fandom?

It’s more common than you think. There was a time when people after hearing the word ‘furry’ either thought of cute fandoms or overly sexual foxes with big breasts. To be perfectly honest, being a furry can be a little bit of both. This study, for example, involving male furries found that almost 99% of them had some sexual motivation to join the furry fandom or be furries.

People actually come out as furries. They put on a suit and go about their daily lives. They do what they’d do every day and sex can very well be a part of it. Obviously, it’s easier when your partner understands your need to be in the suit when you’re intimate with them. However, furries can also have non-furry partners. You don’t necessarily have to find another furry to ‘mate’ – just find someone who gets you and what you need from them.

Also, believe it or not, fursuits are just so pretty – at times expensive – and well suited to a person (you can have it custom made with arms, tails, the body, or the head) that they’re extremely comfortable to be in. Therefore it’s perfectly common for a furry to inculcate the sexual aspect quite regularly in the furry lifestyle.


Some furries put on suits on specific days. Or only put on a costume when engaging in sexual endeavors. Some furries don’t engage in sexual encounters in a fursuit at all – washing them can, at times, be a hassle. The whole process is entirely subjective to an individual’s needs. And therefore this can branch out to be complicated at times. 

The bottom-line remains, furries meeting over common interests at parties, gatherings, or conventions are very much real and a thing of the present. Furries having sex as two consenting adults are also something that happens quite naturally. 

Be open, communicate with the people you’re with, and use sex toys like any other person engaging in sex. This will completely ensure your sex life – complete with all its kinks and fetishes – is both healthy and satisfying.

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