Both Men And Women Can Enjoy A Pregnancy Fetish

Both Men And Women Can Enjoy A Pregnancy Fetish
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After writing about almost a dozen fetishes, I decided to write about the pregnancy fetish. I picked this one because it’s unusual and something worth delving into. Pregnancy is both beautiful and interesting. A lot of people consider human pregnancy (Read: leave the animals alone) to be the purest of nature’s course of actions of creating a new life. What they forget is that pregnant women can also get horny.

And so do men who are around them. It’s one thing to find your wife smoking hot, even when her body is growing to accommodate a little bundle of joy. That’s just being a good husband. It’s another thing to only find women to be smoking hot when they’ve grown to alter their bodies due to pregnancy. 

This article will talk about pregnancy fetish, what it is, and some off-shoots of this kink. For instance, it’s not just the bulged-out stomach. It could be bloated ankles or a lactating mother…that’s the lactation fetish for you. And believe it or not, morning sickness is also attractive to some people. Well, we are all open-minded enough here to let each have their own.

How Real Is This Fetish?

If you’ve read some of the other articles I’ve written you’ll know that my friends and I are sex enthusiasts. In the very first article I wrote, I explained how that means we’re just really tight with our gynecologists. Anyway, we discuss matters quite freely and it is proven that pregnant women are as horny as women without the baby bump. 

I mean, just think about it – you’ve got the miracle of life happening inside you and everything – but you have all this free time. You’re taking it slow at work because you don’t want to stress yourself. You’re not doing any heavy lifting because you don’t want to hurt yourself. And at times, people just ask you to rest for a while, and some of the times, pregnant women maybe do want to rest but what’s next?

Lying on that bed all day reminds them, at least some of my friends who have had babies, of when they were students. They actually get to reminisce and are happy. And after happy comes horny. This is just one of the reasons, really, the next one is pure hormones. So, a pregnancy fetish is actually very much real.

One additional thing is, that pregnant women also tend to have body image issues at times. If as a man you have a pregnancy fetish, it actually boosts a woman’s confidence. She feels sexy again to think you find her attractive. To know that her body makes you want to have her is a powerful thing to know. So I would most absolutely encourage this fetish.

How Common Is A Pregnancy Fetish?

This article here actually gives you numbers on how common a pregnancy fetish is. Men and women both love the idea of getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant – at least a fair number of them. They also like having sex in between all this pregnancy business. Except for gay men, because apparently, they’re just not that into it.

It’s also common to want to make someone pregnant. That is also considered to be a part of pregnancy fetish. Anything related to pregnancy, if that appeals to you, that’s it. There could be multiple reasons as to why you’d want to knock someone up. Starting from love for that person to anxiety that without a baby together, there’s no future for the both of you. And these reasons make this kink pretty common. 

Trivia: If the idea of getting someone pregnant is turning you on though, that’s another off-shoot of this fetish and is known as the breeding fetish.

If you’re thinking about how common is the BDSM kind of pregnancy fetish where there’s pain, pleasure, and lots of oomph…I’d say, leave the pain behind. Although it would be wrong to say the BDSM community is lacking behind when it comes to practicing this kink. Pregnant women aren’t fragile and they know it. But often, just because you can take it doesn’t mean you have to.

That said, light BDSM, if it gets you in the mood, is practiced quite often. Handcuffs, masks and even other restraining costumes are used. Just take my advice, and leave the whips behind for this one. You might be very much into it, but the baby should get a say as well. And because the baby can’t speak for themself yet, we’ll just give them the benefit of doubt and say they wants to rest, and mommy engaging in hardcore BDSM doesn’t make it easier to do so.

Is There A Reason Behind Why People Are Into It?

both men and women experience pregnancy fetish

Besides raging hormones, there’s this theory had older children, who have seen their mothers having babies, tend to have a pregnancy fetish. It’s as simple as Freud once made it – we’re all sort of in love with our mothers. No need to creep out, I’m explaining. So, we come into this world as babies and see our mothers closest to us. Then, as we grow up we realise she’s our mother – and because dad is in the picture – old mum is off-limits.

I can go on about castration anxiety or Oedipus complex – they’re pretty interesting actually – but to simply explain why older children tend to be more into this kink is to say that they see their mothers having babies and when their partners, or any consensual pregnant woman, is at that stage, it predominantly just turns them on. It’s all inherent, really. Being turned on by pregnant women is not unhealthy and should not be frowned upon.

I just provided you with a reason based on some theories. And society regulates us, that’s why we don’t go on being attracted to our mothers. We love the women in our whole family in a non-romantic and non-sexual way because society demands it. See, I’m not saying incest is cool but before civilization like ours today, mothers and sisters were not off-limits.

Having sex within the family leads to inbreeding depression and results in deformed babies. Society had to intervene. We need healthy babies, right? And most of us are A-Okay with it but our minds work in strange ways. Being attracted to a pregnant woman doesn’t necessarily mean you liked your mother a little too much once but hey, if Freud says it’s natural, just shrug and say okay. 

Remember, as long as everyone included in the party gives their consent, it is okay. And these are just theories. Maybe you just have an active imagination! People who think a lot think about almost everything. I know people who have actually wondered aloud if you can actually hit the baby with your penis. Curiosity could have just appealed to your senses! On the other hand, this could feel like a taboo to you and that’s why you’re so much into it! 

Fantasies and fetishes always have complex origins in our minds. Whatever reasons there might be, you do not have to beat yourself up if you’re into unusual things. And pregnancy fetish is something which is actually quite helpful for releasing all the accumulated stress in a pregnant woman’s body! What you need to do is find like-minded people and practice your kinks in a healthy way and that’s about it.

How To Go About Practicing It?

After consent, safety is the primary issue here or during practicing any kink at all. But with this one kink, in particular, you need to be extra careful. There are multiple ways to carry out this kink. Going solo while masturbating and thinking about this fetish is one way to go. Let’s take a look at some other ways to practice this fetish one by one and see which one appeals to you the most.

There is one aspect of this fetish where you can be relatively casual about safety – and that’s when you’re role-playing. When you realize you’re into pregnancy fetish, or even breeding fetish, the first thing to do is start talking to your partner about it. After talking about it, you could both role play that you’re actually trying to get your partner pregnant. 

The beauty of this roleplaying is that your partner doesn’t necessarily have to have a vagina! People of different sexual orientation can practice it and on top of that, use a condom! Talking and behaving like you want to put a baby in them can be hot. And if she’s someone with a vagina, using a condom actually prevents you from an unwanted pregnancy…while fulfilling your fetish! 

And you also do not have to worry about STDs. Just get really into the role and there you have it. But when it’s more than roleplaying, hardcore BDSM isn’t the only thing you need to take care of. Make sure you don’t hurt the baby – accidentally or otherwise. It saddens me to say it but masochism, sadism, and pregnancy fetish does not mix well, like, at all.

Plus, you must always visit the doctor if you’ve indulged in more than sex. Aftercare becomes so much more important when you’re adventurous but with a baby inside you. Well, I have watched LOST and I know Claire and her baby survived a plane crash, but that was fiction. Honestly, I still don’t know what LOST was…I’ve got to rewatch it.

Anyway, I’m not asking you to give up on your kinky lifestyle. I’m only asking you to accommodate the baby properly into it. Go for sex positions that work for you. Try and reconsider your pain threshold. Make sure you don’t end up bruising yourself. These are just the little things you need to keep track of.

You can still be gagged or even chained, if that’s what excites you. You don’t have to give it up. But wear protective gear around your baby belly and don’t tighten anything around it. You might think you can take it, and you probably can, but you don’t have to risk it. And if you have decided to risk it once or twice, visit a doctor later for sure to see if the little one is doing okay.

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