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Riley Steele Fleshlight

Riley Steele is one of those pron stars everyone gets excited about. Naturally, I was equally as excited about owning a Riley Steele Fleshlight, or two.

The Riley Steele Fleshlight series has two models. The first one is called Nipple Alley and has an orifice that looks like Riley’s vagina.

The second one is called Lit and has an orifice that looks like Riley’s butt hole.

Riley Steele
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Let’s see which sleeve feels nicer in action.

Riley Steele Fleshlight Benefits

Fleshlights are among the best-selling toys in the whole sex toy market. Naturally, there are more than just a few reasons for that. The main reason, of course, is pleasure. However, they have a lot of other benefits, especially when you compare them with other sex toys:

Unique Textures

Each Fleshlight model has its own texture. Currently, there are around a hundred of them. I’m sure you’ll find the one that suits your needs best.

The Riley Steele Fleshlight series has two unique sleeves for you to explore. The first one is called Nipple Alley and has an orifice that looks like Riley’s vagina and the second one that looks like her butt hole, is called Lit.

Fantasy Element

Each and every guy dreams about doing it with their favorite porn star.

If Riley Steele is the one you’ve been fantasizing about, now you can actually get the next best thing – Riley Steele Fleshlights.

Change your life and make your fantasies come true by finding out what your favorite porn star feels like in real life.

Quality Materials

Your private parts are in good hands with Fleshlight. They won’t cause any unexpected skin irritations or allergies.

Each sleeve is made from hypoallergenic materials. Fleshlight uses only top-quality materials for their products.

Real Feel

Not only are Fleshlight sleeves hypoallergenic, they feel very similar to real human flesh. Especially when warmed up and lubed up.

So, stop playing with low-quality plastic and choose the real-feel sexual experience. It’s totally worth it.

Discreet Shipping

Fleshlight respects and values your privacy. Each and every item that you order from them will arrive in plain, unmarked boxes.

No person will be able to tell what’s hiding inside, solely from looking at the box. Unless you tell them what’s inside, of course.

How Riley Steele Fleshlight Feels?

Since we have two Fleshlights in review today, let’s compare them one by one and see which sleeve feels nicer in action.

Riley Steele Nipple Alley Fleshlight

The first Riley Steele Fleshlight is called Nipple Alley. Nipple Alley has an orifice that looks exactly like her vagina does.

Riley Steele lady sleeve

Nipple Alley sleeve has the same texture throughout the whole sleeve, so the sleeve suits any penis size.

The texture is pretty wide and has bumps all over it. It’s low in terms of intensity. However, more intense than the Pink Lady, also known as the original Fleshlight but nowhere near STU even though textures are somewhat similar.

I would recommend this Fleshlight for beginners who are starting their Fleshlight journey.

Riley Steele Lit Fleshlight

The second Riley Steele Fleshlight is called Lit. Lit has an orifice that looks exactly like her vagina does.

Riley Steele butt sleeve

Lit has 3 main chambers with unique textures and several corridors.

The first chamber is covered with little “>” patterns. The texture is more exciting when you’re pulling out.

The chamber is followed by a corridor that changes in width and has several bumps on the road. It’s good, but nothing special about it.

The second chamber is full of square-shaped bumps and is pretty intense but not too much.

The last chamber is super narrow and is full of mini vertical ribs. They’re very intense.

Overall, I would recommend this Fleshlight to guys who enjoy intense sensations. However, the deeper you can reach, the more you’ll get out of this sleeve.

Riley Steele Fleshlight Downsides

Even though Riley Steele Fleshlights come with numerous benefits, there is one downside.

Difficult to Clean

Most Fleshlights, despite their intense texture, are pretty easy to clean. However, cleaning the Lit sleeve was pretty challenging.

Riley Steele Fleshlight Reviews

You already know what my experience with Riley Steele was like. Let’s take a look at what other guys are talking about her.

Each of these Riley Steele Fleshlight reviews was written by verified users on the official Fleshlight website.

Here’s what the guys are talking about Riley Steele Fleshlight:

I really enjoyed this one. Not only did I feel a massaging motion, but it felt as though it was pulling and tugging on my member. This one is definitely a keeper.

– Timothy L.

The Mini Lotus feels almost like the real deal, but, of course there is no perfect substitute for a real woman. That said, if you warm it up in hot water before use, it feels very good. I would never choose it over the real thing (unless it was my ex-wife), but it’s pretty nice on a lonely evening. Worth the $75 for sure.

– Michael V.

The sleeve is similar to the STU , but in my opinion way better. This is a must have.

– Roctol

I would say that this texture is a great option if you want the great stamina training unit texture in the nicer, softer fleshlight girl material.

– Giovanni R.

Riley Steele Fleshlight Alternatives

There are alternatives to Riley Steele Fleshlight, as there are around a hundred of Fleshlight sleeves to choose from.

Here are some of my personal favorites:

Mia Malkova has the most perfect and intense anal sleeve that’s been recently released and is already a huge hit.

Janice Griffith has the most balanced pussy sleeve that remains my favorite.

However, if you want to improve your performance in bed, check out the Stamina Training Unit. Even though it doesn’t have a porn star behind it, it’s great for training.

What’s In The Package?

Here is a full list of items that come with Riley Steele Fleshlight:

  • Brand new Nipple Alley / Lit texture sleeve (depends on choice)
  • Unique Riley Steele Lady / Butt orifice (depends on choice)
  • Luxurious Fleshlight case that comes with an extended protective cover
  • Detailed instructions for proper use and care

If you order directly from Fleshlight’s official website, I can guarantee that your items will arrive discreetly packed. I’ve already ordered more than a hundred times and they never disappointed me.

Be sure and stay calm, as no one will be able to tell what’s inside the box. There will be no Fleshlight branding on it.

Additional Items

As great as Fleshlights are on their own, there are several ways and several items that you can use to take your Riley Steele Fleshlight experience to the next level:

Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer – it’s the most convenient way to warm up your Fleshlight sleeves to perfect temperature. Works with every Fleshlight.

Fleshlight Shower Mount – if you enjoy long showers, you will enjoy them even more with hands-free orgasms.

The Fleshlight Launch – hands down, the ultimate upgrade for Fleshlights. Fleshlight Launch is an automated masturbator that comes with a price tag but the experience is worth every penny.

If you want your Fleshlight sleeves to remain good as new – order a few sleeve care products. Fleshwash and Fleshlight Powder help ensure the longevity of your Riley Steele Fleshlight.

Fleshlight Care Tips

Each and every Fleshlight works in the same way. They’re very straightforward devices. So, if you have already tried one, you’ll know how to use any of them.

When it comes to Fleshlight care, there are two essential things to remember:

First, hygiene matters and it matters a lot. So, before you start doing anything with your Riley Steele Fleshlight, make sure to read my detailed guide on proper Fleshlight care.

Second, lube is a must for all Fleshlights. Not using lube can result in ripping your Fleshlight. It can also cause skin irritations on your penis. Both these problems come from the unnecessary traction caused by your dry skin rubbing against the dry sleeve.

If you remember these two essentials – you’ll have a long-lasting sex toy.

Everything else is up to you. So, enjoy. If you want to learn everything there is t know about Fleshlights, check out my ultimate guide.

Overall Verdict

Overall, both Riley Steele Fleshlight sleeves fit very different user needs.

Riley Steele
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I would recommend the Nipple Alley Fleshlight for beginners who are just starting their Fleshlight journey and don;t want something too intense.

The Lit Fleshlight sleeve, I would recommend to guys who enjoy intense sensations. However, the deeper you can reach, the more you’ll get out of this sleeve. So, in this case – size matters.

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