Top Pandemic Sex Toys – The Best Sellers

Top Pandemic Sex Toys – The Best Sellers
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COVID-19 already has had a tremendous impact on all of us and our habbits. The world had gone into a tizzy. Economies floundered, livelihoods got disrupted, markets crashed and suddenly Armageddon seemed so real.

However, gradually, a better sense prevailed and the realization dawned that what we were dealing with is not just another rogue Head of State but a microscopic opponent, we started looking for answers. Or rather ways to control the situation.

One of the risk mitigation effects that came out of such brainstorming sessions was the issuance of blanket lockdown. This was the only way to stop the spread of the disease and would also give enough time to the respective nations to build their medical and health infrastructure up.

Pandemic Sex Toys

While these lockdowns were panned across the society, there seemed to be no way out of this quagmire for the time being. However, one sector that did make an enormous profit out of this catastrophe was the sexual wellness industry.

With most jobs shifting to remote locations or “work from home” becoming the norm of the day, couples who otherwise never found much time for themselves, suddenly realized that they had ample time for themselves. This gave rise to the possibility of greater intimacy.

While it is often said that the sexual wellness industry is recession-proof, this pandemic showed why. In any catastrophe, it is human nature to bond strongly. Frayed relationships get mended and the bonhomie between distanced individuals increases. This leads to a greater release of stress and tension that might have built up over the years, giving rise to a greater probability of seeking pleasure among each other. This pandemic gave rise to a similar situation.

The sexual industry is never a hard sell. Sex and orgasms are part of human physiology and the usual control over them are limited compared to the other forms of emotional activities. Hence, the pandemic boosted the industry to greater heights. And this was not just limited to contraceptives.

During the pandemic sex toys section too saw a huge jump in sales. The reason being, individuals were more willing to explore the idea and nuances of kinky sex than ever before. Stuck within the confines of their dwellings, the human had his or her communication channels with the outside world disrupted. This led to them looking inwards.

Journey to Self-Discovery

The pandemic was indeed a journey towards self-discovery.

The more it worsened, the closer individuals came.

The mental health benefits of sex and its various faculties are not hard to overlook. There are ample examples to illustrate the fact that the urge to procreate and elicit an orgasm is an essential anatomical routine.

Under the duress of a marauding virus and mass hysteria, this became more prominent.

Some of the sex toys that made a mark in this pandemic are also the ones that do see steady sales all around the year. However, with the planet under duress, there has indeed been a burst in their sales across the globe.

Top-Selling Toys During The Pandemic

Let us see some of the top pandemic sex toys that did make a mark in these tough times.

Tenga Eggs

Tenga New Eggs

Over the last year, Tenga has sold nearly 11 million sex toys worldwide. The most popular choice was the egg-shaped masturbator. No surprise here – they’re a great no-evidence masturbation toy for men since you dispose of the masturbator right after you’re done with it.

Tenga Eggs come in many textures. You can buy them in sets or one by one. Each egg has a different texture with different intensities for you to enjoy.

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The Rabbit Lily Vibrator

lily rabbit

This is one of the highest-selling sex toys that has outstripped every other sex toy in the market. The representatives from the site Ella Paradis has said that the Rabbit Lily saw even greater sales than the other superstar vibrator, Womanizer premium vibrator.

The reason for the super sale of this device is not hard to miss. The Rabbit Lily vibrator is extremely easy to use the tool. It comes with ten different speed modes that will be of great help to even novices and beginners. The handle is ergonomic and comfortable. The device is expectedly waterproof and washable.

The Rabbit Lily Vibrator is one of its kind in the vibrator market and the pandemic crowd seems to love it. Even though its sales before the pandemic were no slouch, it is during the quarantine that it exploded to stratospheric heights.

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Satisfyer Pro 2

satisfyer pro 2

Well, to be honest, the entire premise of having sex is to achieve a sense of satisfaction. Couples indulge in foreplay and intense lovemaking to satiate the inner hunger of lust and libido. To augment that feeling comes the Satisfyer Pro 2. Reports suggest that the sales of this device jumped almost 7 times during the quarantine period, last year. Vibrators of all hues are performing well.

But this device has seen more sales than the rest of them, barring a few. The main reason for the success of the Satisfyer Pro 2 has been its ergonomic design and firm grip. The battery also lasts long. There are various levels for multiple sensations. It can be easily used by novices and beginners and is one of the hottest selling devices in the vibrator market.

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Magic Wand

magic wand

The magic wand is a no-nonsense vibrator that promises nothing else except the moon and everything in between. This simple vibrator aims at fulfilling its primary task. Providing insane excitement to its users. The satisfaction felt after using this device is unparalleled. The quarantine period has left many women alone and confined to their homes.

Hence, the greater need to discover themselves. The magic wand does not promise anything other than what it is meant to do. It is simple to use and has great demand to relieve stress. The magic wand is required to overcome these traumatic times.

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Internal Bullet Vibe

internal bullet wibe

It is a bit larger than lipstick and yet packs the punch of a canon. There have been reports that this device has seen a growth of nearly 200%. It is not just a vibrator but a massager too. This dual vibrating massager promises wholesome excitement and satisfaction.

For women who had been rendered confined indoors due to the presence of the virus, the Bullet, as it is lovingly called, has been a savior. Its pulsating actions set the heart and the soul throbbing. Because of its size, it’s easy to handle as well as immensely portable. It is waterproof and has ten vibration settings. The bullet is indeed the correct choice of a weapon. Fire it away.

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Lelo Tor 2 Vibrating Ring

Lelo Tor 2 Review Best Vibrating Cock Ring

Lelo Tor 2 is perfect for couple use. This snug-fitting ring is made of stretchable silicone and has multiple vibration settings. It not only helps the man attain his size but also adds pleasure to the action. The ring has a long-lasting battery charge. A single charge of the ring can last up to several hours.

It is an essential partner in the quest for some memorable fun between the sheets. This ring has also seen good growth, mainly because of the isolation borne out of the pandemic.

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Laya II

Laya II

This German-designed boasts of everything the Germans are proud of. Excellent design, ergonomic, easy to handle, and long-lasting. German engineering has always been legendary and with Laya II, they have maintained that custom. This vibrator is perfect for beginners since it is easy to use. The curved shape of the vibrator allows the user to reach her erogenous zones. It is palm-shaped and the grip is excellent.

Like all the vibrators, this one too is waterproof. It has four speeds and six patterns. This toy is also one of its secrets for being a best seller in the sex toy market. It is long-lasting too as mentioned earlier. A 60 minutes’ charge will provide up to an hour of non-stop action. The Laya II is indeed the ideal playmate for these times.

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Dame Eva II Hands-Free Vibrator

eva ii

Most women would want to keep their hands free and caress their bodies. While it may not be possible with the other vibrators, Dame Eva is designed for those who wish to touch their other parts whilst the vibrator added sensation to her nether parts. It can also be used while indulging in penetrative sex.

Simply place it on the clitoris and see how the temperature soars. Snuggled under the labia, this beast can roar and make the world go round. This vibrator is designed for both couple sex and solo acts. It is hands-free which is one of the reasons why it is also a best seller.

This toy has been on the shelf of many women and this pandemic showed the reason why. No more dirtying hands and keeping them busy. The Dame has arrived and doesn’t want to spare any effort to please.

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Under Bed Restraint System

underbed bdsm

For those who wish to add some kink to the entire setup, this is the one to go for. The under-bed restraint system is the final word when it comes to BDSM. The cuffs are adjustable and can be worn both on the ankles and the wrists. There are four restraint straps too. The restraining system is also travel-friendly and packs in neatly into bags. One can also get free of the restraint when tied to it and free themselves. The material is long-lasting and is worth the price.

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Final Words on Pandemic Sex Toys

Sex is an aphrodisiac. Its very mention does send a chill down many spines. It is a no-brainer therefore to understand the reason behind the spike in sales of sex toys during the pandemic. Sex toys always had a ready market and sales have never been dry. However, with a medical scourge rampaging the planet and most of its inhabitants locked up inside their homes, the sales went ballistic.

Libidos have always been hard to control. But with most avenues closed and in complete isolation, it was also a need that most women yearned for. The virus may have ruined most, but this is one area it has not been able to cast its dark shadow.

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