Olympus Sex Position

Olympus Sex Position
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The Olympus sex position is also called the Clasp. This makes sense since both partners’ genitals pretty much fasten like a seat belt in this position.

However, the Olympus title also has a nice ring to it, since basically, one partner is climbing the other one, as if they were climbing a mountain. And mount Olympus is where the gods live. In this case – the sex gods.

  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate – Hard, requires a lot of upper body strength
  • Level of Flexibility: Medium

How Olympus Sex Position Works?

To get into the Olympus sex position first both partners need to stand in front of each other, face to face. Then the receiving partner needs to climb on top of the penetrating partner. The easiest way to do that is by holding on to their shoulders or wrapping the hands around their neck for support.

Once up, the receiving partner should wrap their legs around the penetrating partner for additional support. The penetrating partner hugs the receiving partner around the waist and can slowly insert the penis/strap-on to the vagina/anus.

Tip: if the penetrating partner can lean against a wall for additional support and stability. Keep in mind that having sex in this position without using additional support requires a lot of strength and stability. So, be honest with yourself and don’t get hurt from overconfidence.

Things to Know

  • The penetrating partner will need a lot of upper body strength to support the weight of the receiving partner.
  • Consider leaning against a wall for additional support and stability.
  • Consider testing this position with additional support first (like leaning against the wall) to fully grasp it. This way you will know whether you have the strength and the balance for it.
  • The Olympus sex position requires muscle strength from the receiving partner as well since they’ll need to hold on.
  • This position is good for G-spot as well as P-spot stimulation for the receiving partner.
  • Since both partners will be face to face, best sex toys to choose are those for anal stimulation.

Sex Toys and Olympus Sex Position

The Olympus sex position is not very sex toys friendly. However, there are several toys that you can consider using for additional stimulation.

Here are some sex toys that work with this position:

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