St. Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine’s Day
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The St. Valentine’s Day sex position is a great way to bring something new into your sex life. Even though it has nothing to do with Valentine’s day, it’s a great way to celebrate the occasion with your partner. This position is perfect for couples who want to add a little excitement to their sex life.

  • Level of Difficulty: Hard
  • Level of Flexibility: High

How St. Valentine’s Day Works?

The St. Valentine’s Day sex position is an advanced variation of the missionary position. The womanreceiving partner lies on their back with the legs spread apart. The penetrating partner stands in front of them, facing the receiving partner. The penetrating partner then lifts the receiving partner’s hips, enters them and rocks them back and forth.

Things to Know

  • Some people find the St. Valentine’s Day sex position to be exciting because it is a bit of a change up from the typical missionary position.
  • This position also allows for deeper penetration.
  • The position can be exciting because it is visually stimulating, as one can see their partner at a very seductive angle.
  • St. Valentine’s Day sex position can be exciting because it is physically stimulating, as it allows for deeper thrusting.
  • The position can become very uncomfortable in a short period of time since one of the partner’s wull be hanging upside down.
  • Before you consider this position, evaluate your and your partner’s physical preparation. There’s a risk to get hurt, especially for the receiving partner.

Sex Toys and St. Valentine’s Day

Here are some sex toys suggestions that could make your experience in the St. Valentine’s Day position even more exciting:

  • Strap-on dildo can be fun for both partners. The wearer can control the depth and speed of thrusting, while the receiver can enjoy the feeling of being penetrated.
  • A vibrating cock ring can help the wearer maintain an erection while providing extra stimulation to the receiver.
  • A bullet vibrator can be used to stimulate the clitoris or nipples during sex.
  • A blindfold can add an extra layer of excitement to any sex game.
  • A feather tickler can be used to tease and tantalize the skin.

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