Standing 69

Standing 69
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Well, if simple 69ing is not enough for you and your partner, you can always try changing the angle. In this case, doing a sitting or standing 69. Spoiler alert – it’s actually very complicated.

Even though it sounds like such exotic ways of having sex should be very intense and orgasmic, in most cases, it’s not. First, even for the fittest people, it’s difficult to stay in odd and physically tiring positions for prolonged periods of time. Especially when you’re supposed to reach an orgasm at the same.

  • Level of Difficulty: Difficult
  • Level of Flexibility: Medium

How Standing 69 Sex Position Works?

Well, standing 69 works just as you imagine – it’s simultaneous oral sex for both partners while standing. Not only does this position require a lot of trust between partners and physical strength, but it’s also super uncomfortable for the partner who hangs upside down.

However, if you choose to try this position – don’t forget that it’s harmful to stay upside down for prolonged periods of time. Be mindful of your and your partner’s actions.

Things to Know:

  • The standing 69 is a very difficult sex position that requires a lot of physical strength from both partners.
  • Most likely the position won’t be very orgasmic or last long, since one partner will be handing upside down. That is not comfortable and may cause lightheadedness.
  • Due to the complexity of the position, most likely you won’t stay in it long.

Sex Toys and Standing 69 Sex Position

Here are some sex toys that could complement the standing 69 sex position:

  • Penis ring – can be helpful if you wish to prolong the erection or have difficulty getting one.
  • Vibrator – for additional stimulation of the vagina.
  • Butt plugs – for those who enjoy some light anal play.
  • Prostate massager – for stimulation of the prostate.

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