Lube 101: A guide on Lube! What is it and do I need it?

Lube 101: A guide on Lube! What is it and do I need it?
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Yes, I need lube. That’s the short answer. Using a lube has made sex more fun for me. So, yes. And the long answer is this article.

I remember the first time I decided to use lube. It was more of my partner’s idea than mine, really. Let me say, I’d had a fair amount of sex before and never needed it. I’d had a lot of sex with my current partner without lube and didn’t think I need it. I mean, why would we need lube? Lube is used only when you’re going in through the back, right? Wrong. But I didn’t know back then what a wonderful product lube is.

So, the very first thought that came to my mind when my partner talked about using lube is: Is my partner not satisfied in bed with me? It was illogical, really, but that’s just how my mind works. 

Do I need to use lube? Why do I need to use lube? Is sex not enjoyable without lube?

If I’d known then that lube is something as normal to use as any other sex toy, I wouldn’t be spiraling into a flurry of these groundless thoughts. But there’s a first time for everything. And the first time I used lube it made me wonder…why hadn’t I used it before? Let this article, somewhat, act as a lube guide for you, if you also find yourself in the same position as I once found myself.

What is Lube?

Lube is a transparent jelly-like substance that comes in a cute bottle. No, really, mine came in a cylindrical tube which was orange in color. Do you remember Caroline from “2 Broke Girls?”. And when she asked Max to use her cinnamon-flavored make-up remover once? Yup, that’s the one. My partner bought the same cinnamon-flavored make-up remover as well. 

Haven’t seen 2 Broke Girls? Check out the scene here.

I think I’m getting too friendly in this article and sort of meandering away. So, to say it in terms of proper facts, lube is something you apply to a surface to decrease friction. Lube, being a jelly that makes the area it has been applied to smoother, helps you glide in and out of surfaces quickly. Lube is typically transparent, with some flavor or the other infused in it. 

What Does Lube Do?

The main function of the lube is to make it easier for you to penetrate the vagina or the anus. Not that you’d always need to, or want to use lube but there are certain perks of using one. Using a lube can help:

Save Time When You’re in a Hurry 😉

I know it’s fun when you get all hot and steamy but take your time to get into the correct mood…and I know it’s also fun when you just, you know, want to take your clothes off and just jump on each other. The lube comes in handy in both situations.

Lubes are perfect for quickies. But my partner and I also like to take things slow. You have to understand lube is not always about the front or the back door. Lube is fun both ways! When you start using it you’ll see the difference it makes. You immediately start to feel slick! And it’s welcoming too.

Make Quick Movements With Your Body

I don’t know about you but innovative sex gives you cramps. And aches. It does. I’m not 19 anymore and if I know anything about 19-year-olds these days, they could use some lube as well. When you use lube there’s greater smoothness.

So there’s less chance of you being disappointed when you’re trying something new. Get innovative with your sex life! Take a leg above your head or hands behind your back or whatever it is that you think works for you and use some lube because you can use all the extra help you need.

Cause Pleasurable Sensations Where You Apply The Lube

Now, this is the best part about using the lube: it’s not just about being quick but about being better. A lube is infused with ingredients that give you multiple sensations and tingling. A lube only makes the whole experience of having sex better. Lubes come in different shapes, sizes, and flavors for you to choose from. They help your body open up and make the process all the more pleasurable.

Lubes Usually Can Be Used Also as Massage Gels

lube as massage gel

Yes, lubes can double up as a massage gel as well. You have to pour out a generous amount and start exploring each other’s bodies with it. Go on, nobody is stopping you. Take some lube and start rubbing!

Can be Used While Self-Pleasuring

I had to get used to this idea. When I want to pleasure myself I usually don’t need any other accessories. Or that’s what I thought. Because I already had the lube with me I decided to use it when I was going solo. And I’m glad I did because lubes work the same way with or without a partner. You can make quick moments, you can glide your fingers any way you want with perfect ease and the sensations that come with the applying of the lube are completely worth it.

Where Can I Find a Bottle of It?

It’s like, the easiest question ever, don’t you think? You can get a bottle of lube in the drug store! You can order it online! You can go to a shop completely dedicated to condoms, sex toys, or lubes. Yes, those might exist in unexpected places.

So, my partner and I were walking down a nearby street one day and I saw a shop named Rubber Goods For You To Play With. My partner thought it was a shop that sold toys for kids to play with but I was like, nada, I caught a glimpse inside and that shop DOES NOT sell things for children. So we went inside. And HAHA! I think I found a shop sent from heaven to sex enthusiasts. Condoms, sex toys, oils, lubes, lingerie, you name it and it was there. 

So, my advice would be, find a shop or an online store and browse through some options before deciding on what lube to get for yourself. Or you can mix and match. Get yourself two small bottles and see which smell you like more…or what sensations you are fond of. Browse online, go to the drugstore, lubes are everywhere. Some online stores even advertise discretion while delivering certain naughty items to your doorstep. Opt for that if you have to! Getting your hands on a bottle of lube is easy!

How to Use Lube?

You take the bottle, you open it up, you pour it directly on your body parts, or pour the lube on your palm and apply it where you want to. Most people apply lube directly to their vagina or the anus – keep in mind that the vagina secrets juice and the amount of lube needed here are considerably lower than the amount needed if you’re going to have anal sex.

When it’s anal sex you’re preparing yourself for, take as much lube as you need. Take more. Anal is so much different than the vagina, but that’s an article for another time.

If you want to learn how to choose the correct lube for your play, here are your personal lubricant choices.

Safety Guidelines While Using Lube

Always remember that lube, like any other product, comes with an expiry date. Be sure to note how long it is safe to use the lube. You will be using the lube to lubricate your extremely private and sensitive areas so read everything that is written on the label on the back.

how to use lubricant

Some lubes are advised to use only for a certain period of time after you’ve broken the seal to open the pack, it’s usually safe to use for four to six months. This information is usually provided outside the pack, so be sure to read up. And of course, in case of irritation, inflammation or redness, or anything that’s a bit unusual, stop using immediately and consult a doctor.

My tip would be, buy a smaller pack, to begin with. Go with more of a few smaller packs to try out new variants. And then when you’ve tried and tested it, decide on which one you like the best. Use lots and lots of lube while having anal sex. Use the lube for a sensual massage. And when it expires, throw it out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to common questions about lube.

When can I use lube?

You can use lube before having sex. You can also use lube when you’re in the mood for a massage. Pick a lube that acts as a lubricant and a massage gel so you can use it as per your requirements.

Do I wash myself? If yes, when?

Wash your body after you’ve had sex. That’s just basic hygiene maintenance. Washing off the lube needs a bit of gentle rubbing and lots of water. Take a wet cloth and rub yourself gently to clean the lube off of your sexual organs. You can leave the lube for up to an hour. This information is usually provided on the back of the pack or the bottle of lube.

Is lube edible?

Some lubes are edible. But it’s not something like peanut butter or jelly. And definitely not Nutella. The information is on the back of the pack or the bottle of lube, people, that information is important.

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