The Champagne Room

The Champagne Room
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The champagne room sex position is also known as the Zeal position or the Perch. However, the champagne room somehow seems to have the nicest ring to it, so let’s call it that.

This sex position is popular due to the comfortable angle it provides for stimulating the G-spot or the P-spot. Not only that, it is very sex toys friendly for the receiving partner who is also in control.

  • Level of Difficulty: Easy
  • Level of Flexibility: Low

How Champagne Room Sex Position Works?

To get into the champagne position, the penetrating partner first needs to sit down on a chair. The chair can be replaced with a table or a couch, or anything else that allows the person to comfortably bend their knees at a 90 degrees angle and place their feet fully on the floor for comfort and stability.

Tip: using a piece of furniture that provides back support ensures a lot more stability and comfort during penetration.

The receiving partner then can sit down on top of the penetrating partner, in a manner they would sit down on a chair. This gives most of the control to the receiving partner as they can control the way the penis/strap-on enters their vagina/anus.

Tip: if the receiving partner can’t reach the ground with their feet, the penetrating partner can hold on to the receiving partner’s hips and help them move up and down.

Things to Know

  • This sex position is pregnancy-friendly for the receiving partner. However, you should find comfortable furniture where the receiving partner could reach the floors with their feet.
  • The champagne room works well for G-spot as well as P-spot stimulation for the receiving partner. However, for best results, the receiving partner has to have full control. To have full control, the person needs to be able to reach the floor with their feet.
  • Champagne room leaves both partners with free hands for exploration. This means that they can stimulate each other additionally or use sex toys for that.
  • This sex position is also reduced-mobility friendly. If the penetrating partner has reduced mobility, the receiving partner can have full control in this position.
  • Great for women who have trouble experiencing orgasms solely through penetrative sex. This position gives easy access to the clitoris for additional stimulation.

Sex Toys and Champagne Room

The champagne room sex position is sex toys friendly. Especially when it comes to additional stimulation for the receiving partner.

Here are some sex toys that work with this position:

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