Sit and Kneel

Sit and Kneel
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If you’re ready to explore the pleasures of oral sex, the sit and kneel sex position should catch your attention. This position should work for almost any couple and it’s very easy to change roles at any time.

However, if either of the partners has sensitive knees, you need to think in advance about a cushion or any other soft item to reduce the stress on the knees.

  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate (may require endurance)
  • Level of Flexibility: Low

How Sit and Kneel Sex Position Works?

In order to get into the sit and kneel position, the receiving partner needs to sit down on a chair or any other object that is comfortable and stable. The receiving partner should then spread the legs to provide comfortable access to their genitals. The other partner should then kneel in front of them and use the mouth and tongue to stimulate the receiving partner’s genitals.

Note: Whether we’re talking about a blowjob or oral stimulation of the clitoris – there’s a lot more that can be achieved in this position. Additional sex toys or hands of the partner can stimulate the vagina/testicles for more exciting sensations and more intense orgasms.

Things to Know:

  • If you or your partner has sensitive knees, make sure to get a cushion to reduce stress on the knees.
  • Take turns – everyone enjoys pleasure.
  • When you’re stimulating your partner (or vice versa) make sure to make good use of your hands, since they’re free: play with those testicles, or stick a finger or two in that vagina – try to reach that G-spot.
  • Make sure to use comfortable seating: having a backrest is way better than no backrest
  • Giving oral sex can be very tiring, especially if your partner takes a long time to orgasm. That’s why incorporating some sex toys can give you some mini-breaks without losing the excitement that your partner already built up.
  • Just like with any oral sex position, hygiene is crucial. Make sure you and/or your partner (the receiver(s)) are freshly showered.

Sex Toys and Sit and Kneel Position

the sit and kneel position is a great way for both partners to get to know each other’s genitals. What each of you likes and what’s not so exciting. . However, there is no harm in adding some sex toys to further explore those sensations.

Here are some sex toys that could spice up oral sex in this position:

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