How to Have Multiple Orgasms: Detailed Guide For Men

How to Have Multiple Orgasms: Detailed Guide For Men
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We all know that women can have multiple orgasms during sex, but, what about people with the penis? Can they have multiple orgasms? If yes, then how to have multiple orgasms? Some might think that having multiple orgasms for men is impossible. However, men can have multiple orgasms. 

As per research done in 2016, 10% of men during their 20s and 7% of men over the age of 30 reported multiple orgasms. So, yes, men can have multiple orgasms. But, very few men are aware of this. And, even fewer men know how to achieve multiple orgasms. 

Many people think that ejaculation and orgasm are the same things. But, they are not. Ejaculation is a physical thing that is controlled by the nervous system. However, orgasms are all about that transient experience that you get during sex. It mostly happens during ejaculation. 

That is why many people think that ejaculation and orgasms are the same. But, now as you know that as a man, you can also experience multiple orgasms, it is time that you know how you can do it. Yes, it is all about practice, and only that way, you can master having multiple orgasms. 

So, are you ready to understand how you can achieve multiple orgasms? Yes, we can sense that you are excited just as we are to share this knowledge. Therefore, let’s understand how you can have multiple orgasms comprehensively so that you can master this art. 

How to Have Multiple Orgasms? Have an Open Mind

As you know, multiple orgasms are an experience that you can get during sex. But, because of your limited belief, you think that multiple orgasms are impossible. But, you have to recognize that you can have multiple orgasms. Don’t put too much stress on yourself because that will ruin your sex life. Instead, just have an open mind about multiple orgasms and you will surely achieve it. 

Prepare Your Body for Multiple Orgasms

When it comes to multiple orgasms, you need to prepare your body. It is the basis of achieving multiple orgasms. As you know, many men have achieved multiple orgasms because their body is prepared to have that. So, you will be wondering how you can prepare your body for that. Well, here are some of the things that you can do to prepare your body for multiple orgasms;

#1 Edging

Edging is a wonderful technique that you need to master if you want to last longer in bed. You need to follow your regular masturbation rituals. And, when you feel like you are ready to explode, stop everything and let your body relax. Once your body is relaxing, start your masturbation once again. Repeat this a few times before you explode. This edging technique will help you to achieve multiple orgasms. 

#2 Kegel Exercises

Look, most men think that Kegel exercises are only for women. But, that is not true because these exercises are for all genders and they can boost your sexual stamina. Also, you can experience intense orgasms if you practice Kegels for some time. Once you make your pelvic floor muscles stronger, you will be able to control your ejaculations in a better way. It can also help you in becoming multiorgasmic. 

#3 Create a Connection Between Body and Mind

relaxed man before masturbation

A synchronized body and mind create a perfect platform for multiple orgasms. Now, this is what you need to create as well. You need to touch your genitals in a way that you get synched with the sensations that happen when you do that. In this way, your neurons will get connected properly which will help you to get multiple orgasms. 

#4 Intercourse Should Not Be Your Focus

If you want to achieve multiple orgasms during sex, then you have to realize that intercourse is not the end goal for you. Sometimes, orgasms can be non-ejaculatory and you will experience this type of orgasm more when you start having multiple orgasms. That is why you have to make sure you understand that you cannot jump to intercourse straight away to achieve multiple orgasms. You have to build that fire inside you and harness it to achieve multiple orgasms. 

How to Practice Multiple Orgasms (without ejaculation)

Now, once your body is ready to achieve multiple orgasms, it is time to begin practice. Yes, with practice you can master this art of achieving multiple orgasms. Now, how you will practice is something that you would want to understand. So, here are some of the things that you can do to practice multiple orgasms;

#1 Use Edging

We have already discussed practicing edging in the last section. Now, if you practice edging and also practice Kegel exercises, this will make you last longer. Thus, during the practice of multiple orgasms, you need to use edging to bring you on the brink of ejaculation and experience orgasms before you release all those energies. 

#2 Physical Pressure

You need to understand that if you ejaculate, you will not have multiple orgasms. If your goal is to have multiple orgasms, then you need to stop ejaculation. Another effective way you can do this is by applying pressure at the base of your penis with your hands. Apart from that, sex toys like a cock ring can come in really handy in these situations. 

#3 Controlled Breathing

Controlling and harnessing your breath is one of the key factors to achieve multiple orgasms. What you need to do is transfer the energy from the pelvis to your head to achieve powerful sexual responses. It is all about playing with your awareness levels. The more aware you are at that moment about your sexual responses the more chances you have of achieving multiple orgasms. 

#4 Visualization

You might think that visualization is not effective in helping you achieve multiple orgasms. But, if you practice visualization with the thought that you are having multiple orgasms and the sensations are flooding through your entire body, you will end up having that feeling when you are having sex. 

Try Prostate Orgasms

Stimulating your prostate to achieve multiple orgasms is one of the most effective ways you can achieve it. Your p-pot is a pleasure house and as you stimulate it, you increase your chances of having multiple orgasms. Also, the fun part is, you need to have an erect penis to achieve such orgasms. 

How to Stimulate Prostate for Multiple Orgasms

Now, you cannot achieve prostate orgasms if you don’t know how to stimulate your p-spot. Look, there are certain ways you can do that. Here are some of the steps you need to follow to stimulate your p-spot and achieve multiple orgasms.

#1 Masturbation to Start with

It is better to start with masturbation rather than playing with your partner. You don’t want to be in that feedback loop when you are trying to stimulate your p-spot. You cannot think about pleasing someone else when you want to stimulate your prostate. So, start watching porn or anything that will make your penis erect and get you in the mood. After that, you can proceed to anal penetration because you don’t want to feel like having a medical examination of your anus. 

#2 Get a Sex Toy for Prostate Stimulation

Aneros progasm jr

Now, it is time to bring a sex toy to the scene. Get a basic sex toy like a dildo and you will be ready to explore your p-spot. Warm your sex toy up with some lukewarm water for maximum fun. Also, use a generous amount of lube so that you don’t feel any pain when you apply pressure to your prostate. Move the sex toy around your anus till you find that perfect spot for stimulation. 

#3 Combination of Regular Masturbation with Prostate Stimulation

By combining prostate stimulations along with the stimulations that you can have from the penis will give you a powerful experience of masturbation. You can achieve multiple and powerful orgasms by doing this. Start with prostate play and then keep your focus on your penis and you will feel powerful sensations. 

#4 Have a Wonderful Experience of Prostate Orgasms

Prostate orgasms can give you powerful sensations which will surpass the sensations that you have during penile orgasms. That is why you need to stop focusing on your penis for sexual pleasure because your p-spot is the storehouse where you can have the best orgasmic experiences. 

Be Realistic with Your Expectations

If you think that within one or two days you can master the art of having multiple orgasms, then you are wrong. It will take you weeks or even months to achieve mastery in this. That is why have realistic expectations so that you can be patient because it is the key to success in having multiple orgasms.

The Bottom Line

Finally, now you know how to have multiple orgasms. Look, it is possible to have multiple orgasms. You just have to be patient and follow the process and practice the methods. In this way, you will surely achieve mastery in achieve multiple orgasms over time. 

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