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FleshSkins Review

This FleshSkins Blue Ice Grip male masturbator is not your regular pocket pussy. Fleshlight came up with a unique budget sex toy that can actually fit all penis sizes.

When I say budget, I don’t mean low quality. By choosing FleshSkins Blue Ice you get the same supreme Fleshlight quality, just for a lower price.

The FleshSkins products are unique, as contrary to your regular Fleshlight, they don’t have a case. So, they’re super compact and easy to take care of and store.

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So, let’s look into what benefits you can get for just $39.

FleshSkins Benefits

Fleshlight’s FleshSkins Blue Ice Grip is a unique male masturbator that has a lot to offer. Even though the price is nearly twice as low as your regular pocket pussy’s, it surely has a lot to offer. So, let’s take a look at FleshSkins benefits in more detail:

Comfort Grip

Contrary to regular Fleshlights, FleshSkins don’t have a case for the sleeve. However, the sex toy comes with 4 holes that give you an ultra-comfortable grip around the masturbator.

It’s super ergonomic and doesn’t slip out of your hands. What I particularly enjoyed about it is that you can always control the pressure and intensity of the strokes on your penis.

Fits All Penis Sizes

FleshSkins don’t have a case and have openings in both ends of it. Having an opening on both ends means that FleshSkins can be used with any penis length.

Since the device doesn’t need a case to use it and is made from super stretchy material, it means that even if you have a super-wide penis, it will still fit.

So, basically, you have a universal male masturbator with which you no longer need to worry about your dimensions.

Extra Compact

Since FleshSkins Blue Ice Grip has no case – it’s super compact, flexible, and can fit anywhere.

Yet, it comes with a case that is designed for drying the sex toy. Without it, the masturbator would be too flimsy and would lose its shape. That would result in a very long drying process.

However, if you wish, you can store it in the drying case. This way you’ll avoid any dirt, dust, and bacteria getting on it.

Super Pleasurable

Even though the FleshSkins Blue Ice Grip doesn’t look super attractive, they are super pleasurable. Since they don’t have cases, you are in full control.

This means that you control the intensity, the tightness and the speed (of course) of the strokes.

Once lubed up, the material of FleshSkins feels very smoothly against the penis skin and there is barely any traction. So, worry not – pleasure is guaranteed.

Low Price

If you’re looking for a quality male masturbator for a low price – FleshSkins should be one of your top choices.

By choosing FleshSkins you will spend only $39 for premium Fleshlight quality.

So, if you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend a lot on sex toys, consider choosing FleshSkins.

FleshSkin Blue Ice Grip Case

Easy to Dry and Maintain

FleshSkins Blue Ice Grip comes with a comfort drying case. Since the FleshSkins themselves don’t have a regular pocket pussy case to hold the sleeve in position, the drying case is very useful.

All you need to do is rinse your male masturbator with warm water properly and leave the rest in the drying case. It’s super easy and takes very little of your time.

Discreet Packaging and Billing

Fleshlight always offers only the best treatment. So, your purchased items will be discreetly packed, shipped, and handled.

They also offer discreet billing. So, there will be no records on your credit card. So, your sex life remains private.

How FleshSkins Feels and Works?

FleshSkins Blue Ice Grip is super easy to use. All you need is to get some water-based lube to get you started.

Once you properly lube up your new sex toy and get a good grip on it you’re ready to go. Using it is very simple and comfortable. Since it has 4 holes on the side for your fingers it will not sip out of position and you’ll be in full control over it.

When your hand is in position – you’re ready to go. Get yourself excited (if you aren’t already) and you’re ready for action.

How FleshSkins Fells?

To tell you the truth, FleshSkins Blue Ice Grip surprised me. At first, it appeared flimsy and I didn’t expect a lot from it.

However, once you get your hand in position and start using it, it feels very good. You have full control over speed, intensity, and motion. So, you take yourself on a marathon or a sprint.

The material itself is not as great as your regular pocket pussy, however, it feels very good against the skin if it’s lubed properly.

You can squeeze it, turn it, stroke it fast and slow – anything you want. This is truly the sex toy that’s fully submissive to your needs.

What Comes in The FleshSkins Package?

As you probably already know, all Fleshlight products, bought from the official website, arrive in unmarked boxes, so no one will be able to tell what you ordered (even if you’re waiting for several packages to arrive at the same time).

So, you can freely order your Fleshlight items even to your workplace or anywhere else where you know that no one else will open the package.

Once you unbox your FleshSkins Blue Ice Grip here’s what you will find inside the unmarked box:

  • Fleshlight FleshSkins Blue Ice Grip
  • Compact drying case
  • Informative instructions for use and care

As you can see from the package contents, the only thing that you need is water-based lube. You can order it together with your Fleshlight Blue Ice Grip and this way get a discount. In most cases, if you buy packaged deals, you can save money on Fleshlight. On the day of writing, you can save 15% if you buy directly from the manufacturer’s website.

FleshSkins Downsides

For me personally, FleshSkins Blue Ice Grip didn’t have any major downsides that I could tell about that would actually discourage a person from buying and using it. However, there are several minor downsides that you should take into consideration before making a purchasing decision:

Somewhat Flimsy

Since it doesn’t have a stable structure it could appear a little flimsy at first. However, when you put it on an erect penis, everything falls into place.

Yet, at first, it could take some time to get used to the shape and texture. It’s good that it has a drying case, so you won’t face any troubles concerning the maintenance of FleshSkins Blue Ice Grip.

Fleshlight FleshSkin Blue Ice Grip

Kinda Short

Since FleshSkins Blue Ice Grip is only 5.35 inches long, dudes with super long penises might find it a bit too short. However, it’s open on both sides so it will of course fit you.

It will require only a little extra effort in terms of stroking. Yet, if you’re up for the challenge, you will find it very rewarding.

FleshSkins Reviews

Even though FleshSkins are among the cheapest Fleshlight masturbators – they’re one of the best-liked ones.

Compared to other products, FleshSkins received a lot of super positive reviews on the Fleshlight website.

Men from all over the world particularly enjoyed how they have full control over the masturbator. Here are several reviews from verified users directly from Fleshlight’s website:

I previously tried a full sized Fleshlight and also a Quick Shot, but I like this one the best. It really allows you to control the pressure and get’s the job done very fast, like a professional. It’s easy to clean and dry, plus the drying stand lets it finish air drying without any attention. Very nice product.

This one very interesting compared to the others. Being able to adjust the tightness all by hand is pretty great. It took a little getting used to, but once you do, get ready to have some fun!

This is the best masturbation aid I have ever used. The finger holes add a sense of control and provide a non-slip stroke. I take a medication the delays orgasm/ejaculation and more so will not allow orgasm. This aid has allowed me to orgasm with great intensity. It even allows me to edge for as long as I want and let it fly when ready. Highly recommend.

As you can see, the masturbator speaks for itself. It’s cheap, quality made, easy to use, maintain and last but most important – super pleasurable.

FleshSkins Alternatives

Even though there aren’t any exact alternatives to Fleshlight FleshSkins Blue Ice Grip, there are several other options that can bring you similar sensations.

If you’re looking for a compact male masturbator that comes with a case, I would recommend you to check out the Flight series and the GO series.

Both of them are travel-friendly and since they come with cases, they have a structured design.

However, if you’re not all about the structure and enjoy openings in both masturbators ends – consider Fleshlight Quickshot. It is more structured and is very pleasurable as well.

The Verdict

Overall, Fleshlight FleshSkins Blue Ice Grip is an excellent male masturbator for those who don’t want bulk sex toys and enjoy having full control over them.

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Also, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to spend much on sex toys, yet wants them to be quality-made, FleshSkins Blue Ice Grip is a great choice.

So, if you feel like this is the masturbator you want to get, you can order it on the official website. This way you’ll be sure that all your items will be shipped and billed discreetly.

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