Aneros Prostate Massagers: 20+ Years of Experience

Aneros Prostate Massagers: 20+ Years of Experience
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In this detailed Aneros review, I will tell you everything there is to know about this famous brand and its top-quality prostate massagers. Aneros massagers have a unique shape that gives men multiple hands-free orgasms.

So, if that’s what you’re looking for – you’re in the right place.

I will teach you how to choose the best Aneros prostate massager based on your experience and needs. I will also cover the topics of using, cleaning, and storing the prostate massager.

What is Aneros?

Currently, Aneros is called one of the best prostate massagers manufacturers. They’re known all over the world for their exclusive prostate toys that give men multiple hands-free orgasms.

As famous as they are now, little do people know that Aneros actually didn’t start their company by manufacturing sex toys. Back in the 2000s, they were designing similar devices for medical purposes. Those weren’t about pleasure – first Aneros prostate massagers were about health.

In one interview, the sole tester of Aneros prostate massagers, Forrest Andrews, shared his experience about how he first encountered Aneros.

This happened when he had severe prostatitis and no treatment, nor drugs were able to help him.

He then started his research and discovered a prostate massager that was supposed to help him with the condition.

Before Aneros

He then discovered High Island Health Pro-State (currently Aneros) and bought their device that gave him an incredible and unexpected orgasm.

However, if you check their website, you’ll see that it didn’t say anything about orgasms. The massager was all about prostatitis and health benefits. Yet, no one can argue that a good orgasm isn’t beneficial for health.

Back in those days, male orgasms and any kind of butt plugs were taboo between straight men.

Yet, once he contacted the High Island Health Pro-State, it turned out that numerous men were experiencing the same mind-blowing orgasms.

That’s when Andrews started discovering new things about his body and discovered the mind-blowing O which didn’t require any stimulation of the penis.

Once the High Island Health Pro-State rebranded to Aneros, they asked Andrews to become their product tester. Forest quit his day job and became a full-time prostate stimulator tester.

Aneros was a big part of a great revolution. They helped millions of men change their mindset and understand a couple of super important things:

  • If you’re gay – it doesn’t mean that you like anal sex.
  • If you like a sex toy that goes up your butt – it doesn’t mean that you’re gay.

For most men – anal toys are perfectly acceptable and they enjoy them without worrying about what using them means. As it only means one thing – that you like pleasure.

However, even after almost 20 years with prostate massagers in the market, some men still have difficulty wrapping their heads around it.

Aneros Design and Shape

Now, let’s review the Aneros design and shape. In general, all Aneros prostate massagers have the same basic shape. However, each model has design variations that are aimed at different experiences.

Here are the main characteristics of Aneros prostate massagers:

  • Head and Stem – they’re designed to push and rub against the prostate. The curvature of the stem provides up and down stimulation of the prostate canal – the erogenous zone that helps you experience prostate orgasms.

    Aneros prostate massagers are shaped according to the male anatomy to provide your prostate with enough stimulation of perfect intensity to ensure an effective prostate massage.

    The massage of the prostate is controlled by anal-sphincter and PC muscle contractions. Aneros prostate massagers require 0 interventions of your hands.
  • Perineum Tab (P-Tab) – provides external stimulation of the prostate. The tab presses against the perineum and is called the pivot point that drives the massage action of the massager in your butt.

    Thanks to this tab, a man experiences both, internal and external stimulation of the prostate at the same time.

    Many believe that external stimulation combined with internal one provides more intense orgasms and helps men achieve multiple ones as well.
  • Kundalini Tab (K-Tab) – is designed to massage the acupressure point located between the buttocks. This acupressure point is known as the kundalini spot.
  • Handle – solely for inserting the prostate massager and removing it. Do not use the handle to play with your prostate, it will not increase the pleasure. The only model that has a handle with a different purpose than putting in and taking out is the Progasm model.

Aneros Materials

Aneros uses only top-quality and body sage materials for their prostate massagers. The materials differ per product type. However, all of them are of the highest quality and skin-safe.

The original models of Aneros prostate massagers are made from non-porous and FDA-approved plastic acetal.

For VICE models, medical-grade silicone is used. Progasm is made from polystyrene.  Progasm ICE is made from the plastic Tritan™. Surgical-grade stainless steel is used.

How to Use Aneros Prostate Massagers?

Aneros prostate massagers differ from their competition because they focus on providing men with hands-free orgasms.

This means that after you insert any Aneros prostate massager into your rectum, the hand job is over and everything else is done solely by your pelvic muscle.

How to use Aneros: Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide for beginners that explains how to use any Aneros prostate massager.

  1. When you have your massager and feel fully relaxed, you can start by properly lubing it up.

    The choice of lube depends on the material of the prostate massager.

    You can check out this personal lubricant guide and choose the one that best matches your needs.
  2. Make sure you and your body are fully relaxed. You can start by feeling and massaging the prostate with your finger.

    Here is a guide to self prostate massage.
  3. Before inserting the prostate massager, make sure you gave the correct side. Once it’s in, you have to squeeze your pubococcygeus muscle group.

    To help you understand which muscle group I’m talking about, here’s a less scientific term for them.

    It’s the muscle that is contracting when you’re ejaculating and the ones that help you lift up and down your penis when it’s erect.
  4. When you activate the muscle, they change the position of the prostate massager and it can reach the glans as well as stimulate them.

    The better control you have over your muscle, the better you get at using the Aneros prostate massager. You can fully control the intensity, the speed, and the pressure.

    This way you can create different sensations and experience mind-blowing hands-free orgasms.

So, the more you play with Aneros prostate massagers – the better you get, the better your orgasms become.

Best Positions and Techinques

In general, you can use Aneros prostate massagers in almost any position, except while sitting. That is because the massager needs to be able to move freely and sitting isn’t the best position for that.

You can use Aneros prostate massagers alone or with your partner. When using it with your partner, your muscles already squeeze during the penetration, so the massager simply increases the pleasure.

However, the first sessions with a partner can seem a little weird, yet within a couple of times your body will adjust and you’ll experience some next-level pleasure.

From what I can tell about my Aneros experiences, the sensations are insane. As I mentioned before – they get better with time, when you gain control of your pelvic muscles.

When you start experimenting with your prostate massager, try squeezing it for short terms and releasing it. Then test longer squeezes – this will help you find the rhythm that works for you. Soon you will find your body giving you mind-blowing orgasms without much effort.

Keep in mind that there is a chance that the outer handle of the prostate massager may slip from the position. Don’t worry if that happens, simply put the device back into position.

Keggel Exercises For Best Results

Keggel exercises are special exercises that train your pelvic muscles. Those are the same muscles that you use to control the Aneros prostate massager.

As I mentioned before – the better control you have over those muscles – the better control you have over the prostate massager and the better orgasms you get.

Here are some tips for effective training of your pelvic muscles:

  • Squeeze the muscle and release it after counting to two
  • Squeeze the muscle and release it after counting to four (rest for same time)
  • Do a quick squeeze and release session

If you don’t know which muscle you need to work on, there are two ways to discover it:

  1. Try to bounce your erect penis up and down

  2. Sit down on a toilet, start urinating and then stop. The muscle that you’re using to withhold the urine is the same that you need to train.

In general, it’s simple, the more you train – the better results you get. However, just like in sports – level up step by step to avoid unpleasant muscle contractions.

How to Clean Aneros Prostate Massagers?

Another great thing about Aneros prostate massagers – they’re super easy to clean. You don’t need any special cleaning materials.

To properly clean your prostate massager, simply wash it with hot water and soap. No special soap is required. Let the massager dry properly after the washing.

If you have a massager that’s made from silicone, you can boil the silicone part for several (up to five) minutes. Don’t boil plastic massagers as they will break.

If you’re using a vibrating massager, remove the vibrating engine before cleaning.

Best Aneros Prostate Massagers

In general, the best Aneros prostate massager depends solely on your needs. However, there is a reason why the Helix Syn Trident is their ultimate bestseller. Even though I am the type of guy who enjoys vibrating ones more, in terms of the ones that don’t vibrate, this one is definitely the best.

Helix Syn Trident – Best Overall

The Helix Syn Trident is an amazing prostate massager. It’s a true masterpiece from Aneros.

It’s perfect for users that vary from complete beginners to absolute pros. The Helix Syn Trident stimulates 4 erogenous zones at the same time.

So, if you want hands-free prostate orgasm experiences on-demand – Helix Syn Trident is a no-brainer choice for that.

You can read more about the Helix Syn Trident and my experience with it here.

Aneros Helix trident Syn

Helix Syn Trident

Target User: I want hands-free pleasure with utmost comfort and simultaneous stimulation of 4 erogenous zones.


Aneros Prostate Massagers For Beginners

If you’re completely new to prostate massagers, here you will find the most suitable Aneros prostate massagers for beginners.

Aneros Helix trident

Helix Trident

Target User: I want premium comfort and perfectly targeted stimulation.


Aneros MGX Syn

MGX Syn Trident

Target User: I want moderate stimulation and I’m new to prostate toys.


Aneros MGX trident

MGX Syn Trident

Target User: I want balanced stimulation and I’m currently new to prostate toys.


Aneros Prostate Massagers For Intermediate Users

If you already know your way around prostate massagers and have some experience with them – check out these Aneros prostate massagers.

Aneros Vice 2

Vice 2

Target User: I want 18 different vibrations at 4 different speeds.


Aneros DeVice


Target User: I want something girthy and soft for maximum comfort.


Aneros progasm


Target User: I want something wider that’s still comfortable to insert and use.


Aneros progasm jr

Progasm Jr.

Target User: Someone who enjoys toys that are easy to insert and are not too big.


Aneros Maximus trident

Maximus Trident

Target User: I’m pretty good at working my pelvic muscles and I’m ready for more serious action.


Aneros Prostate Massagers For Advanced Users

If you’re a pro and have advanced control over your pelvic muscles – these prostate massagers are exactly what you’re looking for.

Aneros Eupho trident

Eupho Trident

Target User: I’ve been doing my Keggel exercises, so I have precise control over the prostate stimulators.


Aneros Eupho Syn

Eupho Syn Trident

Target User: I want a super responsive prostate massager – I’m very experienced and have great control over my pelvic muscles.


Aneros Prostate Massagers for Couples

If you want some anal play together with your partner, these unisex Aneros toys will do the trick.

Aneros peridise


Target User: If you and your partner are ready to try out anal stimulation, these unisex toys are a great starting point.


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